Floral Design Committee

Upcoming Floral Workshop with Martha Robinson Heard  

            GFGC Dazzling Arrangements at the Dahlia Show--September 29th


  Thanks to Barb Kaytes, Teresa O’Neil and Martha Robinson Heard for helping with Greenwich Botanical Center’s Dazzling Dahlia’s Show.   Barb Kaytes and Teresa O’Neil made flower arrangements with dahlias grown in Martha Robinson Heard’s garden.

Below are Barb's three pots, and at right is Teresa's creation.

  Floral Design 101 Workshop--September 19th

Participants from the recent GFGC Floral Design Workshop held at the Greenwich Botanical Center with Trish O'Sullivan,  Standing (L - R) Carol Crapple, Fifi Sheridan, Ann Hagmann, Gail Gallagher, Berrin Snyder, Teresa O’Neil, Julie Mather.  Kneeling (L - R) Barbara Arenz, Wells Noonan, Suzanne Eason Hopson, Paulette Macpherson, Pam Kelly.   .

Right,  Trish O'Sullivan, floral designer and former coordinator for the  NYBG Floral Design Director, demonstrating how to arrange.